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Hometown Bank Community Bancorp, MHC Conducts Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of Hometown Community Bancorp, MHC was held on Thursday, May 28 at Nuovo Restaurant in Worcester.

Chairman of the Board Jeanne L. Katrenak presided over the meeting, welcomed attendees and delivered opening remarks. Clerk Henry J. LaMountain, Sr. presented the report of the nominating committee and Louis J. Perrin, Jr. was elected as Corporator.

Corporators elected Trustees Michael D. Hewitt, Kevin J. Mack, Sam S. Pappas and Edward L. Woodcome for three-year terms and Henry J. LaMountain, Sr. for a one-year term as Clerk of the Corporation.

Hometown Bank President and CEO Michael D. Hewitt reported on the Bank’s activities during the prior year, its strong financial performance and its favorable standing among its peer group of other Massachusetts banks. “At year-end, Hometown Bank had total assets of $400 million, an increase of $36 million, or 9.7% over the previous year,” Hewitt reported, “with strong growth in both deposits and loans, $25 million in net commercial growth, or 17% compared with 2013. Deposits grew by 10.4% with $343 million on deposit at year end.”

Hewitt went on to describe the Bank’s many accomplishments during 2014, including celebrating the Bank’s 125th Anniversary, recognizing a dozen “Everyday Hometown Heroes,” distributing $17,500 to “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” food pantries and more than $60,000 in overall donations, completing its corporate reorganization, opening its new Leominster branch office, revamping the Bank’s website and introducing online account opening.

Ms. Katrenak concluded the meeting with a presentation to retiring director, James Lake, who joined the Hometown Bank board of directors during the 2011 merger with Athol Clinton Co-Operative Bank, having served a combined total of 11 years.

“Jim has been a valuable member of the Hometown Bank Board. His strong knowledge of management and governance acquired over his career has made him a valuable member of the Board and Governance Committee,” said Ms. Katrenak. “Jim joined our board four years ago as part of the merger ACCB.   During his time with ACCB, he had served as Chairman of the Board for over 10 years. Please join me in congratulating Jim on his retirement.”  Mr. Lake will remain a Corporator and continue to be involved with the Bank, she said.

At a subsequent annual meeting of the Trustees of Hometown Community Bancorp, MHC, the following individuals were appointed as officers for 2015: Michael D. Hewitt, President and Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Oglebay, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer and Henry J. LaMountain, Sr., Clerk.

Photo Cut Line: Board Chairman Jeanne L. Katrenak thanks retiring Director James L. Lake for his service to Hometown Bank.