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Hometown Bank Announces Everyday Hometown Hero for September

Brookfield Fire Chief Peter Martell with Hometown Bank’s Sturbridge Branch Manager Kathryn Latour

OXFORD, MA – In every community, there is a go-to person who always seems to have just the right answer when you need information. In the town of Brookfield, that person is our Everyday Hometown Hero for September, Peter Martell.

For the second month in a row, our committee has selected an honoree from this small town with a population of just over 3,000. And like our August honoree, Donna Lafleur, who nominated him, this month’s Hometown Hero is heavily invested in the town’s fire department and emergency medical service.

Peter Martell pretty much exemplifies the term “public servant.” He started his volunteer service as head of the town’s Civil Defense Department at the age of 19. He went on to join the volunteer fire department and the emergency medical squad and later studied to become a paramedic. Martell is now Chief of the all-volunteer fire department, Captain of the ambulance squad and is still involved in Civil Defense, now called Emergency Management, as its Deputy Director.

According to Lafleur, “everyone knows if they need help, they can call on Peter and it will be done right. He has spent many nights alone in the station during bad weather just in case the radio goes down. He works long hours and covers for other EMTs when they are not available.” Whenever the community’s reverse 911 system is activated during weather emergencies, it is usually Peter’s voice that residents hear on the other end of the line. He also writes a column for the Brookfield Citizen, the town’s all-volunteer monthly newspaper, to keep residents informed about the fire department.
Martell helps to organize the Toys For Joy program for Brookfield and has delivered toys to area children at Christmas for many years. “He has a very generous heart,” adds Lafleur. “I have seen him checking in on families that had a loved one taken to the hospital to see if they needed anything. Pete has delivered food for patients that are housebound and has checked in on patients that just needed a little help, but didn’t want to go to the hospital. He does all of this silently, without telling anyone or asking for thanks.”

In short, Peter Martell has dedicated his life to helping the residents of Brookfield and we are all the richer for his selfless actions. In addition to the $100.00 honorarium that comes with being a Hometown Bank Everyday Hometown Hero, a donation in that amount has been made in his honor to the Brookfield Fire Department.

Hometown Bank is a $395 million mutual bank with branch offices in Athol, Auburn, Leominster, Oxford, South Lancaster, Sturbridge and two locations in Webster. To nominate an Everyday Hometown Hero from your community, visit the Hometown Bank website at