Government Banking

As a true community bank, we have experts dedicated to meeting the financial needs of municipalities. We can provide depository, investment, lending and cash management solutions for Cities, Towns, Districts and Authorities.


Ryan Stolle
Vice President, Government Banking
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Deposit Products

Government Premier Interest Checking

A Checking Account designed to meet the everyday needs of governmental entities.

  • A tiered product with competitive rates
  • Competitive interest rates allow for streamlined and efficient management of your municipal funds

Government Sweep/Zero Balance Account

Ideal for those wishing for the convenience of a sweep account.

  • Collected Funds are swept daily to or from the zero balance account into or from the Government Premier Checking product
  • Eliminates float in vendor, payroll, and other checking account thereby maximizing investment income
  • Concentrates funds from several accounts into one interest earning account

Government Checking Account

A non-interest bearing product available for funds which are required to be deposited at no interest such as grant monies

Government Sub Accounting Product

The ideal product for trust funds, special revenue funds, stabilization funds, enterprise, CPA, and other non-general fund monies.

  • A master account links an unlimited number of sub accounts to allow for consolidated reporting
  • A consolidated report is provided monthly, summarizing all deposits/credits, withdrawals/debits, and interest earned in each individual sub account
  • No minimum balance requirements

Government Money Market Account

Designed for Finance Officials who want to maximize investment income.

  • A tiered product with competitive interest rates
  • The maximum interest rate tier is reached at the $100,000 level, making this a product that can benefit even the smallest of municipalities

Government Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit offer a variety of term with competitive rates to grow funds.

  • 3, 6, 9 12, 18 and 24 month maturities
  • Longer maturities available upon request

Government Banking Online Services

EDI Reporting

Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reporting can help reduce the time and costs for filing and reporting payments.

  • Ideal for direct deposit of state aid payments
  • A detailed transaction report is provided via email

Online Wire Transfer

Transfer funds anywhere quickly and easily with this electronic service.

  • Initiate outgoing domestic wires to any financial institution in the United States

Positive Pay Services

This fraud protection systematically compares checks presented for payment to your issued-check files to detect serial numbers and dollar amounts that don’t match.

  • Protect your checking account from check fraud
  • All paid checks are matched against issued checks
  • You control the decision process on exception items

ACH Services

A full service payment processing that offers e-commerce solutions for any size municipality.

  • Pay your vendors electronically
  • Offers Direct Deposit of employees’ payroll
  • Tool for Federal and State Tax payments

Account Reconciliation Services

Each month, we’ll send you special reports along with a paid check file, which can be used to automatically update your accounts payable system.

  • A paid check file is provided at month end
  • Can be imported into the municipality’s software

Office Deposit (Remote Deposit Capture Services)

With Remote Deposit, you can use secure remote deposit capture technology to make unlimited deposits to your account from home or office.

  • Reduce trips to the bank
  • Allows for more frequent deposits
  • Can increase interest earnings

Government Banking Online Services

All The Tools you need to manage your Municipal Finances. Many valuable benefits are provided.

  • View balances and transactions
  • Transfer funds between your Hometown accounts
  • View and print e-statements and check images
  • Access all capabilities via any mobile device
  • Authorize other staff members to process transactions
  • Get customized balance alerts
  • Access Merchant Charge Card Services


Ryan Stolle
Vice President, Government Banking
(508) 887-6069  |