Business Line of Credit

Find the bankHometown Business Visa® Card that’s right for you.

A business line of credit loan can help your small business grow. This product is designed to finance short-term working capital needs, such as inventory purchases or operating expenses.

To receive a business line of credit, your business must demonstrate a positive cash flow. The amount of the loan depends on your business revenue performance. We will look at your revenue and cash flow-past, present and future-to determine the maximum line of credit your business will be allowed to borrow.

Approval decisions at bankHometown are quick. Once approved, you are allowed continuous borrowing and repaying during the term of the loan.

Business Line of Credit

Application required Approval decisions are quick.
Interest rate Variable
Minimum line of credit $250.00
Maximum line of credit $10,000.00
Advances Increments of $100.00
Monthly payments Interest only based on outstanding balance.